TTX - 29-30 October 2019 (Minsk)

The aim of the TTX is to prepare the participation countries to test timely and responsive chemical safety and security actions under the EU Mechanism. The TTX, therefore, will be a subset of measures to assess and enhance response capacity with regard to chemical safety and security threats, with the Control Post Exercise (CPX) and Field Exercise (FsX) later in 2020 as the core event to evaluate progress made in responding to chemical safety and security incidents and misuse of toxic chemicals.

The core task of the TTX is to demonstrate the preparedness to national and international response to man-made and natural chemical and ecological disasters and activation of the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism and support of the international partners, including from UN OCHA, OPCW, INTERPOL and OSCE.

TTX will be conducted based on ICCSS developed methodology of Comprehensive and Integrated Tabletop Exercises (CI-TTEx). The CI-TTEx is comprehensive and integrated in sense that it involves all the groups normally required to work together during an event. It is designed to evaluate the entire local and national system of communications, functional duties, executive behaviour and incident command.

The TTX will be held at Minsk University of Civil Protection, a leading Belarus academic institution for civil protection and fire service on 29th October. It will be continued on 30 October, at International Rescuers Training Centre, near Minsk, with half a day field activities, to demonstrate the capacities and preparedness of Belarus teams and cooperation with international volunteers, and concluded with wrap-up session.

TTX will be accompanied by parallel VIPs and Observer Program.

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